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Liberty Gardens Orchard

Fairfield, Iowa

Phone: (641) 472-7129
Address: 2371 Kale Blvd., Fairfield, Iowa 52556
Updated: Nov 13, 2006

About Us

Organic apples
map link: Kale Blvd. Fairfield, Iowa&zoom=11¢er=40.9633300,-91.9935140


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Fruits & Nuts

Fruit Product Type

  • Apples

Product Attributes - Producer Verified

  • GMO Free
  • Natural
  • Pesticide Free

Product Attributes - 3rd Party Certified/Verified

  • Organic (Certified)

Product Forms

  • Fresh

Methods of Sale

  • On Farm Sales
  • Pick-Your-Own

Additional Information

Business Details

  • Days/Hours of Operation: Picking season 8 am to 5 pm everyday

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About Us

Organic apples




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