Look here to find answers to some of the most common MarketMaker questions.

How do I register my business?

How do I use the Buy/Sell Forum?

How do I find a Market by using "Market Research"?

Where does the consumer expenditures data come from?
Our consumer expenditures data comes from Esri.

How do I change my notification preferences?
Notification preferences are the emails and/or texts generated from the MarketMaker system to help you keep in touch with food industry information.

How Can I connect with other businesses?
Businesses can connect with other businesses within MarketMaker

How can I email businesses in My Connections?
Businesses can also send emails to those businesses they have connected with in My Connections.

Learn MarketMaker

If you are new to MarketMaker, learn about the various ways you can search through the data and how you can use the site as both a valuable searching and marketing tool.

Find a Market

Case Studies

Learn how other businesses are taking advantage of MarketMaker to grow their buisinesses, find new markets and new services to expand their product offerings.

Finding a New Market for Cattle
Larry O'Malley is a cattle producer who would like to sell a branded beef product to high-end consumers. Larry thinks the best potential customers would be households where income is in excess of $100,000.

Chef Wants Organic Produce
David Peronne is a chef in a French restaurant where dining is white tablecloth upscale. Chef Peronne prides himself in only the freshest ingredients. Lately his customer's have also been requesting organically grown entrees. Chef Peronne uses MarketMaker to locate farmers who can direct market and deliver fresh organic eggs and vegetables to his restaurant.

Using Market Research to Find Customers
A cattle producer wants to sell branded beef products to high-end consumers.

Chef Wants Local Seafood
Chris Hastings is a James Beard award winning chef in a local restaurant where dining is upscale. Chef Hastings prides himself in preparing only the freshest ingredients from local farmers and fishermen. Lately his customers have been requesting fresh Gulf seafood like crab, shrimp, and oysters. Chef Hastings usesMarketMakerto locate wholesalers and processors who can provide Gulf seafood to his restaurant, the Hot and Hot Fish Club.

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